Open Competitions late 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Undiscovered - Chaos group

Deadline 1 december 2019


Lon Grohs-Global Head of Creative Chaos Group

Melissa Knight-Creative Director of Marketing Chaos Group

Nikolay Bulev-CG Specialist Chaos Group

Anastasia Zhivaeva-CG Specialist Chaos Group

Tom Grimes -Marketing Specialist Chaos Group

Albena Ivanova-Direct Sales Director Chaos Group

Netflix & Skill - Peaky Blinders

Judging Panel:

Andrew McDonald - Co-founder The Rookies, Alwyn Hunt - Co-founder The Rookies, Justin Mohlman - Creative Director.

One rendering challenge - Architizer

Deadline January 10th, 2020


Matthew Bannister, Ronen Bekerman, Keely Colcleugh, Mengyi Fan, Peter Guthrie, Alex Hogrefe, Paul Keskeys, Christina Moore, Jeff Mottle, Juan Rico, Britta Wikholm

Materials from the world - CGMOOD

Deadline 21 January 2020


Sebastián Zapata, Luca Veronese, Thijs van Velsen, Massimo Gnocchi

The Time of Change - Evermotion Challenge 2019

Deadline 28th of January 2020


Lucia Frascerra, Andras Kaldos - Brick Visual, Hrvoje Cop - Polymachine , Michał Horba -Evermotion

Artstation challenges:



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