Welcome to 3ds Romania

Hello everyone,

I’m incredibly excited to be here tonight with all of you.

It’s so incredible that we got ourselfs together in such a short while.

Everybody is here:

Artists, studios, large ones, small ones, freelancers, artists across Europe, CGI, VFX, we’re a diverse community with so many backgrounds and goals.

It’s simply beyond belief, we did it!

We’re here tonight, we’re together!

Let this be the most beautiful chapter along with our careers, friends and families.

Please take a pice of my enthusiasm and take it with you home.

Look to your left, look to your right, get to know each other, because you are unbelievable.

I have so much respect for you. There are people in this room that travelled from Iasi, Cluj, London, everywhere, such a long distance just so that we are all here together.

There are some dreams I want to acomplish:

I wish by the end of 2020 to reach an unanimous consense about 3d legislation and pass the bill hopefully be 2021-2022.

We’re paying taxes, we do everything right but the work conditions are not that competitive.

We need to become better as a group to get to be undeniably good so that we can raise the bar and be known as a premium market.

We are very well known for our talent, hard work, not so much for the way we do business.

The startup programs are not at all adjusted for our field of work.

They should put creative businesses in clusters, offer office spaces for at least 2 years and require the following: 1st step, building the portfolio with new equipments, 2nd growing the business, 3rd extend the reach.

I don’t know how it looks like from your side, but I got to tell you that from where I stand it is a huge acomplishment seeing everyone of you together.

We want you to believe in us and join us!

3ds Romania has the following missions: strategy, legislation, support.

It will be an organisation that needs all of us to succed.

Please get to know each other, it’s your ground, your community!

All of us together, if we match our mindset, if we put our goals above us as people and our personal expectations, we will succeed.

All of us, those 2500, we could influence destinies of over 100,000 people.

We can be a force, empower ourselfs and the group, we can define us as responsible, we can change things into greatness.

Please wake up every morning with this mindset: we are all competing in the olympics, we all have the same goal, winning the gold.

There’s a lot of power in your hands as artists, just take care to use it wisely.

You may know that people around you are great, but you have no idea how great and awesome I know you guys are. The messages you sent, the feedback, the encouragement, the excitement, the involvement it went above any expectations I could imagine.

I’m saying this again: you literally have no idea how awesome you guys are and please turn around, shake hands, share some hugs, trust me, you’ve got a friend closer than you think.

Let this community becoma a beacon for those in need of someone having their back in the industry.

Thank you,


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